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Jami S. Genson, MA, CCC-SLP, CMT®

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Jami received her undergraduate degree in linguistics from Duke University and her graduate degree in speech-language pathology from CUNY Queens College. She has served individuals of all ages in schools, daycares, homes, and private practice.

Jami began her private practice in 2008 as a solution to the growing need for high-quality, convenient, and family-centered therapy in her community. As a mom and as a therapist with over 2 decades of experience, she understands how busy life is and how important it is to families to have a trusted resource to guide them through their child's development. 

Jami founded The Speech Spot of South Florida in 2020. She provides direct therapy as well as manages a team of dedicated therapists who help her reach more families throughout Florida. Jami's approach to therapy combines research-based methods with engaging and creative activities to keep her clients motivated and having fun! For the past several years, Jami has honed her skills in her specialty areas of tethered oral tissues (tongue, lip, and buccal ties), orofacial myology, and feeding (from birth through adulthood).  She completes well over the required hours of continuing education (including classes through the IAOM - International Association of Orofacial Myology), for which she has received the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's (ASHA) Award for Continuing Education (ACE Award) multiple times. 

When Jami isn't focused on serving her clients, she enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and spending time with her two daughters, husband, and their dog, Remi.

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Jessica Kiesel, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Jessica attended the University of Central Florida, where she received her undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  She went on to earn her graduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University. She has worked with a variety of clients in schools, daycares, homes, and clinics.


Jessica graduated from her master’s program at the top of her class in 2018 and immediately started her work in the school system as a therapist for students in the Autism Cluster. She provided receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language therapy to a neurodiverse caseload. Since then, she has been working in the private practice setting serving students of all ages in need of therapy to treat language disorders, speech sound disorders, apraxia, pragmatic language disorders, feeding disorders, dysphagia, and aphasia.

Jessica is skilled and educated in the Natural Language Acquisition framework and gestalt language processing through Meaningful Speech. 

She understands how to work with children who communicate with delayed echolalia (scripting), and is able to help them on their journey towards communication through the production of novel sentences.  As a clinician who reached "mastery", she is part of the Meaningful Speech registry.

Jessica works as a team with family members and other therapists as needed, to best implement a functional therapy approach to foster communication for her students. She enjoys staying up to date on current research in the field and best practices to apply during therapy. She strives to incorporate fun, engaging, and, most importantly, functional therapeutic tasks for her students.


Aside from her commitment as a speech-language pathologist, Jessica enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dog (Ziggy), as well as baking and participating in CrossFit. 

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Kirstin Wright, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Kirstin received her undergraduate degrees in English and English Secondary Education and her graduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Western Carolina University. She served as a high school English teacher for two years before returning to school to become a speech-language pathologist. She has worked with individuals of all ages in homes, daycares, schools, hospitals, and private practice. 


Kirstin began her career in speech-language pathology working in early intervention. She quickly fell in love with the 0-3 age group as she formed close bonds with the families and children she served. As a new mom, she is more sensitive to the needs of young families and holds a passion for supporting and guiding them to best support their children. She has had the opportunity to work with children with expressive and receptive language delays, autism, cerebral palsy, apraxia, and genetic variations. Kirstin enjoys meeting families where they are while making therapy fun, engaging, and relevant to her students. 


During the past 2 years, Kirstin has discovered her passion for orofacial myology and tethered oral tissues. This was due to a personal experience with her son who was born with severe tongue and lip ties. His ties affected his ability to feed adequately and his overall comfort. Kirstin learned to advocate for herself and her son to get the support they needed to overcome these challenges. Kirstin now has a strong urge to help other clients of all ages and their families who have difficulties due to myofunctional disorders and tethered oral tissues. She has completed numerous continuing education courses and trainings to strengthen her skills in this area to best support her clients. 


When Kirstin isn't focused on serving her clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son, baking, gardening, listening to music, being outside in any capacity, and eating ice cream!

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Rebecca Kosoy, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Rebecca attended the University of Central Florida, where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Since then, she has worked with a variety of clients of all ages in the public school system and private clinics. 


Upon graduating from her master's program, Rebecca began working for a private clinic. She provided articulation/phonology and receptive/expressive language therapy to clients ranging from 2-18 years old. During this time, she also was contracted to work in a public school setting within an elementary Autism Special Program. She evaluated and provided receptive, expressive and pragmatic language therapy to a variety of neurodiverse students in PreK-5th grade. Rebecca went on to provide speech and language therapy at this school for the next 5 years. In her time working at private clinics, Rebecca has gained experience working with children with a variety of disorders, including receptive/expressive language disorders, pragmatic language disorders, speech sound disorders, apraxia, and autism. 


Rebecca understands the importance of collaborating as a team while providing speech and language therapy to her students. It is important to include the family, teachers, and other specialists as needed to determine the best therapy approach and goals for her clients to achieve ultimate progress. Rebecca understands the importance of using Evidence-Based Practice in her therapy plans. She understands that each client is individual and unique. Rebecca incorporates engaging and fun activities during her therapy sessions to keep students of all ages engaged in the tasks at hand.  Rebecca understands the importance of using visuals and “first/then” charts in her sessions so students can understand what is coming next and what is expected of them. 


When Rebecca isn’t focused on serving her clients as a Speech Language Pathologist, she enjoys cooking, baking, watching TV (when there’s time!) and spending time with her daughter and husband. 

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