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Pediatric Speech Therapy Services in Broward County

And now also offering in-person services in Reidsville, NC!

Offering teletherapy throughout Florida & North Carolina

The Speech Spot of South Florida helps turn your struggling speaker into a successful communicator!


Skip the drive…tell us where to arrive!  We travel to schools, daycares, and homes.  We do teletherapy too!


Can’t be there, don’t despair!  We send you video clips from our sessions so you can see what skills we are working on and practice at home.


It takes a village!  We communicate with your child’s teachers to help meet common goals faster.


Everyone is different!  We tailor your child’s treatment plan based on his or her needs. Speech, language, feeding, or myofunctional therapy, we’ve got you covered.  


Did the dentist or orthodontist recommend Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy?  You’ve come to the right “spot”!  Read on below to learn how we can help!

community-based evaluation & therapy services

The Speech Spot of South Florida is a pediatric therapy practice serving children of all ages in the areas of speech, language, feeding, and myofunctional therapy. We travel to schools, daycares, and homes, and provide online therapy too!  We also provide services from our home therapy offices. At the Speech Spot, we pride ourselves on communication with families, teachers, and other providers to foster collaborative relationships so we can work together towards a common goal...supporting your child in reaching their goals.

And now also offering in-person services in Reidsville, NC!



Our individualized speech therapy addresses speech delays and disorders to support children in achieving the following:

  • functional communication skills 

  • ability to pronounce frequently used words, such as their name, favorite toys, family member's names, etc.

  • improved speech intelligibility 

  • acquisition of age-appropriate speech sounds and phonological processes

  • accurate speech sound production for vowels, consonants, and blends

speech therapy
language therapy with mom playing with child


Every child achieves language milestones at a different rate. When a child is experiencing a language delay or disorder, we provide therapy to support children in the following areas:

  • spontaneous verbal communication

  • understanding and using language

  • increased vocabulary and descriptive language

  • answering and asking questions

  • engaging in back-and-forth communication exchanges

  • following single- and multi-step directions

  • grammar and word order

  • literacy and pre-literacy skills for reading, writing, and spelling


Feeding issues can be caused by underlying medical, developmental, sensory, and/or emotional factors. We are trained in working with infants and children experiencing the following challenges:

  • difficulty with breast or bottle-feeding

  • sensory-related food aversions

  • picky eating, limited diet

  • oral-motor delays affecting chewing and swallowing

picky eating help
myofunctional therapy


Orofacial myofunctional disorders affect children, teens, and adults. At The Speech Spot, we have specially trained therapists who provide myofunctional therapy to address issues such as:

  • tongue- and lip-ties

  • open mouth breathing

  • dental crowding, orthodontic relapse

  • snoring, frequent wakings

  • TMJ disorder, jaw pain

  • teeth grinding

  • oral habits such as thumb sucking, extended pacifier use, nail-biting, chewing on pens

  • stubborn articulation disorders, especially lisps and 'r'

  • chewing with lips open, poor labial seal

community-based services

Services offered in Broward & Palm Beach Counties 
And now also offering in-person services in Reidsville, NC!



We come to you! Providing services in a child's natural environment is not only convenient for you, but a great way to teach new skills in the exact place a child will be using them. Parents are welcome to be active participants during our in-home therapy sessions.


Is your child in preschool or at daycare during the week? We offer onsite services and will send videos and messages home so you don't miss a thing. When appropriate, we will consult with your child's teachers or care providers to offer tips and tools for ongoing practice.


Online therapy is a convenient and evidence-based service delivery option. Whether you live outside our service area or prefer the added convenience of meeting online, teletherapy will keep your child engaged and having fun while learning. 

cute kids playing with toy railway road at home.jpg

getting started

Getting started with The Speech Spot of South Florida is easy! We are accepting new clients for in-person therapy throughout Broward County, FL and in Reidsville, NC. Online therapy for families located anywhere in Florida or North Carolina. 

getting started


You can email, text, or call us in order to get information on how to fill out our intake form through our user-friendly client portal. We will use this information to make recommendations on the next steps to get started.


We will begin services with an evaluation to develop a comprehensive picture of your child's abilities, challenges, and preferences. If your child has a recent evaluation in all areas of concern, we can likely use that to get started.


Following the evaluation, we will collaborate to develop a plan of care that aligns with your family's goals and preferences. The length and frequency of our sessions will be determined based on your child's needs.


Once therapy begins, we will monitor progress to make sure we are meeting our goals, and make adjustments if needed.


We will also check in with parents and caregivers regularly to offer home practice tips and tools.

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